8 Glynn Avenue Brunswick, GA 31520

Ships have been calling on Brunswick Harbor for the last several centuries.  In 1789, President George Washington signed the Fifth Act of Congress designating Brunswick as on official Port of Entry.  Over the years, the Port has seen alternating periods of prosperity and stagnation generally in alignment with economic trends.   

Through time, vessel traffic has transitioned from the sailing ships of old to modern freighters pushing 900 feet in length.  With the help of the Georgia Ports Authority among others, the Port of Brunswick has blossomed into a major East Coast hub for automakers shipping vehicles and other roll-on / roll-off cargos and or project cargoes around the world.  In addition to Ro/Ro cargos, the Port handles a variety of other commodities including forest products, wood and peanut pellets used in biofuels, salt, fertilizer, chicken feed, caustic soda, and liquid urea and others. 

As in other ports, this flow of commerce would not be possible without the intimate navigational knowledge and ship handling abilities of local harbor pilots.  Pilots in the Port of Brunswick are dually licensed on the Federal and State levels and have each undergone a rigorous apprenticeship program prior to being licensed.  Safely executing every transit is each Pilots’ primary responsibility.